The SEU – Efficient User Systems (Sistemi Efficienti di Utenza) – are electricity production and consumption systems that directly connect producers and end consumers. They facilitate and encourage self-production and direct self-consumption where the energy is produced from renewable sources.

With resolution 578/2013, the AEEG outlined the way in which connection, measurement, transmission, distribution, dispatching and sales services are governed in the case of system configurations that fall under the category of simple production and consumption systems (SSPC), including efficient user systems (SEU).

Photovoltaic system incentives can be converted to Efficient User Systems without losing the right to incentives.

What are the advantages?

The owner of the system can sell electricity to a private individual at a better price compared to selling to the GSE or a trader.

The end client can acquire electricity at a lower price compared to buying it from a trader. This is because the energy does not go through the grid and is not subject to transportation and distribution charges.

What do we do?

We manage the technical and bureaucratic part that is necessary to execute projects. If you are the owner of a electrical energy production system that meets the conditions established by the authority and you need more information, we are available to make an initial assessment of the investment.