pannelli fotovoltaici
casa con fotovoltaico
impianto fotovoltaico


pannelli fotovoltaici
casa con fotovoltaico
impianto fotovoltaico

Transforming energy from the sun
into productive capacity.

Photovoltaic technology makes it possible to produce electrical energy directly from sunlight. A photovoltaic system transforms solar energy into a continuous flow of electricity without producing CO2 or waste products. The technology can produce enough energy to make a building self-sufficient. An ethical and functional choice that makes the most of an inexhaustible source.

We put our skills at your disposal, whether you are looking for a consultation only or want to determine whether the conditions are in place for a profitable investment.

funzionamento impianto fotovoltaico
Surface Area / Power / Production Table
100 m2 17 kWp 18.000 kWh/kWp
150 m2 25 kWp 28.000 kWh/kWp
200 m2 35 kWp 38.000 kWh/kWp
500 m2 80 kWp 90.000 kWh/kWp
750 m2 125 kWp 140.000 kWh/kWp
1000 m2 170 kWp 190.000 kWh/kWp
1500 m2 250 kWp 280.000 kWh/kWp
5000 m2 900 kWp 990.000 kWh/kWp

Industrial photovoltaic

What do we do?

We research and study technological solutions that can maximise solar energy through direct analysis and calculation. We are committed to helping clients find the most efficient solutions that are best suited to their needs. We design solutions for producing energy for self-consumption or feeding into the grid.

We install the following types of systems:

  • industrial coverage with partial or full integration into the building’s architecture;
  • power systems installed on the ground or on fixed structures;
  • solar tracking stations.

Residential photovoltaic

Save energy with the sun. An investment that provides building renovation incentives and adds value to the home. The perfect solution for lowering your utility bill.

What do we do?

We analyse, design and build photovoltaic systems with the perfect dimensions according to the client’s specific requirements.

Why install a photovoltaic system?

There are two main factors that may influence your choice: saving money and protecting the environment.
You can get a subsidy to help cover the cost of installing the system. They fall under building renovation costs. Please contact us if you would like any advice on this matter.

Installing a system designed according to your own consumption levels allows you to generate the energy you need in a clean manner. Thanks to the on-site exchange, a specific type of contract issued by the GSE, users have the option of “storing” any excess energy they generate, on the grid.They can then use it when needed.
It is essential to have a suitable surface area that is not in the shade when installing a solar power system.

Surface Area / Power / Production Table
Surface Area Power Production Table
20 m2 2.5 kWp 3.000 kWh/kWp
30 m2 4 kWp 4.800 kWh/kWp
40 m2 6 kWp 7.200 kWh/kWp
50 m2 9 kWp 10.800 kWh/kWp
60 m2 10 kWp 12.000 kWh/kWp
70 m2 11 kWp 13.200 kWh/kWp